Tool Repair

General Tool Repair Services

Drillco maintains a full-time repair staff, with total repair turn-around time in generally under 2 weeks(often much sooner) depending on the item and parts availability.

We provide a repair estimate at no cost, however if you decide not to perform the repair, the product will be returned to you in it’s non-assembled form due to OSHA safety regulations. Additional information is available from OSHA at:

Once you drop off or ship us your units for repair, we will examine the unit and provide you a free esrimate,  Typically within 1-2 business days.

Once we receive your approval and payment type, we will go ahead and order any required parts if we do not have them in stock.  When all parts arrive and the repair is complete, we will contact you for retrieval.


Any special order parts or non-stock parts require advance payment, and no refunds or exchanges are permitted once ordered.

D-500 Core Drill Standard Servicing:

The standard maintenance/tune-up service for D-500 core drill machines and stands includes checking the electrical system, tightening and replacing any worn bolts, adjusting and/or replacing the brass gib-set on the cradle, checking and changing seals on the motor as needed, and testing the overall operation of the motor and stand.  The process is similar for other core drill machines and stands, however as we manufacture the D-500 Core Drill and Stand, we generally maintain full stock on all parts therefore turn-around time can be as early as a few days.

Most common tool brands and types we repair:

Bosch: Hammer Drills, Reciprocating Saws (Sawzall), Band Saws, Miter Saws, Corded Drills

Diamond Products: All core drilling equipment, excluding Hydraulic and Pneumatic

CS Unitec/Eibenstock:  Hand-Held and rig-mounted core drilling equipment

Husqvarna: Gas & Electric Concrete Saws, K3000, K750, K760, K970

Milwaukee: All core drilling equipment, corded hammer-drills, corded sawzall’s,

Ridgid: Ridgid 300 and 916 Pipe Threading Machines

Pickup/Holding Policy:

Quotes: If you do not respond to our attempts to contact you with a quote, or fail to approve a repair and more than 30 days have passed since we contacted you with the quote, the customer will relinquish any rights to claim the item and it will be discarded.

Customers have 30 days to contact us to arrange pickup of repaired drills.  If the customer does not retrieve the repair item then Drillco reserves the right to discard the unit.

Warranty on Repairs:

Call or email explaining the problem, and we will resolve it.  (Please understand, our warranty is limited to work performed by us.  If we replace the switch and gears break two weeks later, that would not be covered UNLESS we were required to enter gear enclosure to replace the switch.)

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